Judit Monis, Ph.D.

Vineyard Health Consultant

Dr. Judit Monis
Phone: (831)346-7034
e-mail: juditmonis@yahoo.com
mail: 501 Townsend Dr., Aptos, CA 95003
Consulting Services
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Consulting and Field support
- Advise during vineyard sales or purchase due diligence
- Expert witness (scientific counsel in legal vineyard dispute)
- Recommend testing strategy for clean planting (nursery or field selection)
- Vineyard visits to help growers and winemakers determine vine health status
- Sample vineyards for laboratory diagnostic analysis
- Use of statistics for sampling and to determine disease incidence
- Interpretation of disease diagnostic laboratory test results
- Disease management and control
- Research and development projects

Education and training Sessions
- Training of PCA and growers on disease symptoms
- Educational presentations at grower’s meetings